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Fils, Russe Film Avec Sous-Titres En Français, Copie Sous Licence

Russian full-length feature film with French subtitles "Son" [2014]
Director: Arseniy Gonchukov
Genre: Drama
Duration: 99 min.
Russian age rating: 12+
Starring: Alex Chernyikh, Vadim Andreev, Olga Malakhova, Lydia Omutnyikh, Elena Tonunts, Oksana Eardley, Yanina Kogut, Valery Karibyan Dmitry Kuryanov and others.

The brief summary of the film: A young man, deeply concerned about loss of his mother, goes on a journey to understand himself, to meet with his sister that left the house long time ago, and to look into the eyes of own father who abandoned their family.

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