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6 years ago

Blackmagic Fusion Basics - A Basic 3D Scene - Pt 4/5 - Particles

Andrew Devis
Andrew Devis
Fusion is FREE – just go to the and download yourself a copy to follow along with.

This is a short 5 part introduction series to get you going with 3D scenes in Blackmagic Design’s Fusion. While it is not exhaustive, it will show you many of the basic skills you need to start building your projects and learn the Fusion way of doing things.

In this forth tutorial I will show you how to create and customise a static particle system to add to your scene and then how to use the pKill node to kill of all the particles outside of your field of interest. While you could kill particles through the pRender node learning to use the pKill will keep the total number of particles created to a minimum.