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How to Rap With Ice-T: Writing Rap

Writing rap lyrics requires rhyming skill, and often takes many tries. Watch this video for tips from Ice-T, the legendary rapper and director of The Art of Rap for tips on writing rap lyrics.\r
Full Transcript:\r
What Are Some Tips for Writing Rap Lyrics?\r
Ok so for someone whos trying to write his first rap, what are some tips on how they should get started?\r
Ways to Get Started Writing Raps\r
Uhm, theres two ways of writing rhymes. One is to actually write without the music. The other one is to write to the music. I used to write without the music but then I found out my flow would get better if I wrote with the music, so I would say listen to a track that you like. Listen to it. And then as you start to listen to it, vibe to it. And then, what youll usually be able to do it rhyme in your head words that kind of flow inside the beat, and then write them down. Dont be afraid to cross stuff out.\r
More Tips for Writing Rap Lyrics\r
Dont crunch syllables. You know, it has to hit on each beat as youre talking. Sometimes somewould couldnt write a rhyme because theres too many syllables. Figure ways to make it cus he rhyme has to syncopate itself dead onto the beat. The worst thing is people that try to smash words. Its like youre saying too much.its not flowing. You wanna get a good flow. Uh, and write your first rhyme about yourself. Write a traditional MC rhyme which is: tell people how great you are. You know, you usually start off with that kind of rhyme. Like a bragadocious rhyme representing yourself. Like your introduction--who they hell you are. And ah, you know, see can you write a rhyme for 4 minutes long. Put on an instrumental, go four minutes see if you can say the whole thing. And stay away from hooks. Dont just say the hook a hundred times--that doesnt count lyrically. Just flow. Just keep your flow. See if you can make it clever.