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DBZ Fighting Games Retrospective Ep. 8 - DBGT Final Bout

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Its time folks, were here at the worst DBZ/DBGT game ever in history(arguably). \r
Enjoy the video guys\r
This is the First DBGT game ever\r
This is the First Dragon Ball game to have GT characters\r
This is the first Dragon Ball game to use 3D polygonal Models for Characters\r
This game would be the last Butoden game for 14 years until the release of Ultimate Butoden\r
Present Trunks and Future Trunks share the same Theme in this game\r
Despite this being a GT game, several characters are shown in their DBZ appearances\r
In order to unlock all the characters, a code must be entered at the start screen. The codes for the US and Japanese versions of the game are slightly different.\r
This is the First Dragonball Game to have English Voice Acting but not with Funimations Voice Actors\r
This game would be the final Dragon Ball game on the PS1\r
Z-Boy X8 out.
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