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Old School Groove Line Dance

il y a 4 ans|8 vues
Every Other Friday Soul Line Dancing Recap, Review, and Preview, Session #70, Friday, November 13, 2015.\r
Dance: Old School Groove\r
Created By: Jermaine Mr. Incredible Matthews\r
Song: Outstanding (Remix)\r
Artists: The Gap Band\r
Every Other Friday Soul Line Dancing Re-Cap, Review, and Preview Sessions are facilitated by Lori Brown with assistance from La Tanya Horne and Sherie Tyson. We meet every other Friday and sometimes Every Friday at:\r
Sierra 2 Center, Studio 1\r
2791 24th Street\r
Sacramento, California 95818\r
NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED. We do not own anything. All rights reserved to the respective music labels. Full credit solely belongs to the artist for the music used in this video. This video is for educational and teaching purposes only.