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Super Smash Bros Wii U: UnknownJoe (Dark Pit) vs - DV (Mario) (no commentary)

4 yıl önce|2 görüntüleme
Recorded with AverMedia HD. Battlefield (Final Destination) - No Items - 3 Stock - 1.0% damage (normal)\r
Player 1 UnknownJoe\r
Player 2 - DarkValentine1984\r
We play for fun, not for keeps. But Joe is improving a great deal. Hes playing with Dark Pit, like hes using Link, and that makes him dangerous. I myself on the other hand, am tanking with being able to survive that heavy. \r
FYI: He brought over his Wii U, so we can get some matches in. Still trying to get my own :(

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