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Barney & Friends: Hidden Treasures (Season 5, Episode 11)

Barney and Friends
4 yıl önce|1.4K görüntüleme
It's kind of funny how there are puppet characters on this show, and yet, the kids use store bought puppets, or make puppets for themselves to use. Even if they make a barnyard animal puppet out of a cereal box. I have to say, that's pretty interesting.

Oh, and they have to wait for a bird to come to their bird feeder.
Well, Will Ms. Etta know about it? I mean She's a bird, right? Or were they talking about a real bird? Come to think of it, Does Ms. Etta ever talk to other birds, while the show isn't going on? I mean, she must if she's a bird too, right?

Anyways, Hope you guys like this episode about recycling, and keeping the environment clean...Just don't expect any teeth-brushing innuandos in here *Cough* "Our Earth, Our Home"!

Thanks to battybarney1995, for re-uploading this episode, and for snork4colin for originally uploading it. And for SuperGzilla12 (SGBarneyArchive) for the intro. ;) (Seriously, the season 4 intro was the original intro for this episode, if I remember correctly.)

Episode (c) Lyons Partnership, L.P./ Hit Entertainment

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