The Mythic Call

  • 16 years ago

The Spiritual Ark - Universal Living Library
Presents - The Mythic Call.

"The return of Excalibur and the Blue Star of Enlightenment"

This very profound Movie takes us on a magical journey from East to West and North to South. lt is the Sacred Cross and Rainbow Bridge between the Star Nations and brings alive all the Visions and Prophecies under One Roof. This "One Roof" is the "Spiritual Ark" reflecting the Blue Star Oracle and the "Celtic Cross of Female life Blood", foreseen within the Hopi Prophecy.

Within the Mystery "Cube" of Rosslyn Chapel we reveal the "Blue Star Embers", the very Gift of "Revelations 144" Cubits thick.

With this most unpresedented event you are lnivited to attend the inner Marriage and Wedding Supper of Christ Osirus Dawn Star and Mary lsis Sophia Magdalene

"Once and for all together again"

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