7 years ago

Exploding Wasps !! The IZ 5600 Wasp Zapper

Old Panasonic TV casing with a High Voltage grid is placed over an underground wasp nest. The results are great as the wasps have to go through the grids which are electrified at 5600 Volts DC.
The power is furnished by a Microwave oven Transformer and voltage duplexer with Capacitors.
I have exploded around 4000 wasps from the nest.
I build this device after I was stung last year by about 15 wasps while mowing the lawns.
Wasps are a plague in some parts of New Zealand as they have no natural predators and they are affecting our native insects and caterpillars of the Monarch Butterflies.
These wasps ( Yellow Jackets ) are very aggressive and are capable of multiple stings at the time.
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