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Who is JOB 5.0 Giant Barrels on Water Skis and Sharks Cove Surfing [E-0] 4

International Documentary
CLICK To Next [E-0]isode: Jamie O'Brien pioneers a once thought of unsurfable spot at Sharks Cove! Poopies decides getting .

Who is JOB”, continues to stick to the proven formula: surfing, travel, girls, stunts and torturing Jamie's sidekick Poopies. Riding soft top surfboards at Jaws, .

CLICK To Next [E-0]isode: In [E-0] 3, Jamie O'Brien pioneers a new water sport called Big Wave Raft Surfing, and Jamie .

CLICK To Next [E-0]isode: Jamie O'Brien has taken things further than ever before.On this [E-0] of JOB 5.0 he is surfing ON .