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Frenric Cako hongrois Quel Art !

il y a 12 ans926 views

Cako sand animation in Seoul 2003.wmv - 18 911 KB
famous video from SICAF 2003 Seoul!

Animation : Frenric Cako

Born in Budapest (Hungary) in 1950.
Graduated at the College for Creative Arts in 1973. While still at college he won several prizes as an amateur animation filmmaker.
His films have won the grand prizes of nearly each significant film festival: Cannes (best Short Film), Berlin (Golden Bear), San Francisco (Golden Gate Award), Annecy (Best short film), Oberhausen, Krackow, Espinho, Sanghai, Gava Uppsala, Kecskemet etc.
He makes illustration for children several and youth books.
His graphics and painting are shown at Individual exhibitions in the major cities of Hungary and abroad.He teaches 3D animation at School of Applied Arts.1999 - Outstanding Artist of the Hungarian People`s Republic.

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Frenric Cako hongrois Quel Art !
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