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Cycling Mexico - Bike touring in Baja California

Holly Page
Cycling Mexico is a cycling journey from San Diego, USA to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico forming the final part of a longer American bike tour.

Having been advised not to venture into Mexico as a solo female bike tourer, the video highlights the importance of taking stereotypical media depictions of societies with a pinch of salt, that we should not be averse to taking risks and pushing our limits, as well as suggesting that the true joy of travel can be found through the people encountered during the journey.

It has been compiled by Holly Page from the UK.

A more in depth discussion can be found at:

I started to wonder whether this was the Mexico I had been warned of, wondered how many of those who implored me not to cycle in Mexico alone had shared with rather than taken advantage of the kind and hospitable people, had spent time travelling through beautiful barren landscapes, taking it all in rather than rushing off to the beach, wondered how many had taken the time to ask those they encountered along the way about their lives and families, how many had seen the stark contrasts between those who have and those who have not…

Coming to Mexico was one of the best decisions I have ever taken. I have encountered wonderful people and magnificent landscapes and want to stress that one shouldn’t judge an entire population on the actions of a few.

As I always say, the greatest risk in life is not to take risks. With that said, I don’t say adios to Mexico but merely, hasta luego, nos vemos. I will be back.

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