DA DA DA (The baby song)
  • il y a 8 ans
DA DA DA is an audiovisual piece by Nicolas Malinowsky. It was created with the sounds and images of his son, a 10-month old baby boy, playing freely with toys and musical instruments.

Nicolas Malinowsky is both an artist and a musician. He works as a designer and AD at Atelier Malinowsky, the Paris-based design studio he runs with his wife Sarah.

When Atelier Malinowsky set to produce their first video clip, it was a no brainer that Nicolas would be both the director of the video and the composer of the track.

Music wise, Malinowsky is inspired by the Musique Concrete movement. He composes audiovisual pieces by using both the audio and the visual recordings of sounds and activities he finds interesting. Using this creative premise, he previously released the Skateboarder track (which used skateboarding sounds), and created a custom soundtrack for Fendi (which used the sounds of the hardware and materials of a Fendi handbag).

This time, Malinowsky was inspired by the beauty of free, uninterrupted, child play, as well as the natural way in which children approach sounds and music.

The video was directed and produced by Atelier Malinowsky, with the support of the Dailymotion Studio.

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