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6 years ago

Tikii S1: Ep 8 (Xmas)

Moondo Entertainment
Moondo Entertainment
The question is to be or not to be. Join the dark side for cookies or the light side for ice-cream?

Come and see the true spirit of Tikii Christmas, where friendships take no side.

Spoiler alert: There will be a light saber duel!

About Tikii - Fun in the Sun Animation: Moondo Entertainment proudly presents the tale of the Tikii Trio and friends. In the first season, three protagonists with distinctive personalities and backstories will be introduced: Hapii (aka Happy), the laid back and peaceful guardian of happiness. Notii (aka Naughty), the mischievous and adventurous guardian of playfulness; and Baby Bob who bounces around with his endless stream of energy, he can be forgetful but adorable.

For more information, here is the link to our website:

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