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Vår Nya Värld ("Our New World" - Computer World 2007)

An update of the classic Kraftwerk song Computer World from 1981. Audio Objekt has moved the melody and the lyrics to the Computer World of 2007...

The Lyrics in English:

”Vår Nya Värld”
(Our New World. Melody: Computer World)

Rikspolisen & handelsbanken
(Rikspolisen is the State Police and Handelsbanken is a big bank in Sweden)
Brottsregister & penningtvätt
(crime register and money laundry)
SVT & soffpanel
(SVT is the Swedish Public Television, soffpanel are self made opinion makers in a morning tv-show couch)
Platt tv & faktafel
(Flat screen TV and distorted facts)

Vår nya värld
(Our New World)
Speak and spell voice:
Blogg, Internet Globalisering, piratkopia
(Blog, internet, globalisation, piracy copy)

H&M & Toys Are Us
Mått & längd & kundpoäng
(Measures and lenght and custumers bonus)
IKEA & Robinson
(Robinson is the Swedish equivalent of Surviver, the reality show)
Allas stil och silikon
(Everybody’s taste and silicone)

Vår nya värld
(Our New World)
Speak and spell voice:
Maktelit, övervakning, köpprofil, barnreklam
(Power elite, surveillance, consumer profile, advertising to children)

Kinnevik och Svenska Spel
(Kinnevik is a big media company, Svenska Spel: state owned company with monopoly on gambling and betting)
Pengar makt och monopol
(Money, power and monopoly)

Ericson och Vodafone
Deras data om ditt eget liv
(Their information about your own life)

Vår nya värld
(Our New World)
Speak and spell voice:
Mp3-mobil ringsignal, anorexi, dokusåpa
(Mp3 mobile, ringtone, anorexia, reality show)
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