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13 years ago|60 views

MasterListBuilder Funshop Testimonial from Shawn Wang

Joel Christopher

"My name is Shawn and I'm the co-organizer of Joel Christopher's Master List Builder Funshop in Singapore...

what are we going to show you here is the most common questions and doubts for newbies or for anyone who wanted to start an online business and I'm gonna ask Joel Christopher these questions as well.

So many of us were told by experts that it's so easy to make money online and the fact is that a lot of us venture a lot of internet marketing seminars, read a lot of books online and having a binds of different books to read on how to
make money online yet we still cant find it good to get started...

why is it so?

Having a kind of that question:

Is there a simple and a systematic way that you can model and learn so we can start learning the craft and give you something fast.

And I asked Joel Christopher these questions as well and his answer to me is definitely yes and he say to me and always make me still amaze that internet marketing is so simple...

Making money online is so simple why you make it more complicated and to me he also want me to know who is Joel Christopher.

Joel Christopher is a mentor, a coach, a trainer, author, he is also known as the Master List Builder because he was able to triple his list to 30,000 in just less than 99 days and he continue to triple his list to over 90,000
in less than 6 months.