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HOT Breakout Stocks To Watch; NASDAQ, TRCR 11/01/2007

BRAND NEW VIDEO UPLOADED DAILY; Explosive Stocks Just Starting To Move Out Of Sideway Boring Action; TIMING IS EVERY THING... Our goal is for you to make money from day one of your purchase.

This is a list of stocks that look ready to take off at any time... Place stops below the recommended buy price... This information should not be used without first consulting your investment agent and or broker...

Today the featured stocks are;

Transcend Services, Inc. (TRCR)

Industry: Medical Practitioners

ANSR, CISG, CVLT, DXCM, EBIX, EDGR, EPHC, EPMD, EQIX, FCGI, IACIZ, ICAD, ICON, MSHL, MTSL, NMSS, NPSP, NRVN, NVAX, PAGI, PSEM, SIMO, SIRF, WSFG, XPRT, AEZ, AXK, BQI, CGR, CNU, CXZ, DLK, EGT, ELI, GHM, GRZ, GSB, HA, IRN, ISR, JAV, JAX, MMG, NEP, NXG, QSC, SIF, UWN, WEX, XFN, AKH-WT, CBI, CGI, CGX, CQB-WT, EXM, FIC, IMH-PB, IMH-PC, LFT, LRT, LUB, LZB, MA, MCK, NEM, NM, NM-WT, PPO, PRO, SHI, SNP, TRX, VSE, WCG, aapl abx aci bidu brcm che chn chrt cree crox ctv cvs cy cymi cytc deck drys dxd eem emkr ewa ewz exar flex fni fslr fuji gai gdx gld goog grmn gs hl hmin hpq hral htz idti ing intc irf isil ivgn jrjc jst ko lfl lll lpl mchp moh mpel msft mth mxim newp ntes nvda nxmr omtr paas pdfs pgj pki qid qld qlgc roc sanm sbux schn sgtl siga sigm siri skm smh spil ssri stts sumt tune twm txn uri uso usu uyg vgz volv wdc wmt wr wts xle xlf xmsr

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