7 years ago

Casino Royale - What’s The Difference?

Casino Royale is Ian Flemmings first novel in the James Bond series dealing with gambling, spying, and Britain’s place in the world, and the 2006 film was both a critical and box office success. So it’s time for us to see if we can spy all the differences between the novel and film.

Casino Royale is a story that pits James Bond against the sadistic Le Chiffre. He is introduced to CIA agent Felix Leiter (a relationship that would continue to play out in future stories), and falls in love with fellow MI-6 agent Vesper Lynd (an affair doomed to end badly for everyone involved). The book and film have many similarities, both dealing with double agents, torture, love, and loss, but some of the biggest differences can be seen in the role that the women play in the stories, and simply in the way Bond looks. At that, it’s time pull back the proverbial shower curtain on all the differences between the book and the film.

Did you read Casino Royale? Have you seen the film recently? What about the 1967 comedy version starring David Niven and Peter Sellers? What is your favorite James Bond film? Who do you think played the role of James Bond the best?

What other works would you like to see us explore on What’s The Difference?

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