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Animal Picnic - Lumina feat. Alexandra Pride (Original Mix)

Steyoyoke Recordings
Steyoyoke Recordings
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Artist: Animal Picnic
Title: Sinopsia
Label: Steyoyoke
Format: Digital
Release Date: October 26th, 2015
Cover Art: Stella Gelesh
Cat No: SYYK038

Almost twelve months on from their debut appearance, Animal Picnic finally extend themselves in releasing their first full solo EP with Steyoyoke Recordings. Comprising of four tracks, ‘Sinopsia’ arrives in the wake of numerous successful releases to date on the Steyoyoke label and lends strength to the legacy of innovative talent being reflected in the Animal Picnic sound.

‘Lumina’ is the first track on ‘Sinopsia’ and it’s a straight up dance floor pleaser. Built upon a thudding bass line and percussive intense kicks, ‘Lumina’ is the type of track that possesses a casual yet fierce type of energy. Featuring vocals from Alexandra Pride, this first track sets the foundation and mood nicely for the remainder of the EP.

Following on from ‘Lumin