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Poke Rexxar, All of Rexxars Funny Poke Dialog in Heroes of the Storm

Njm Ghjkl
4 yıl önce|9 görüntüleme
So many Hunter jokes! All gear is Hunter Gear from WoW and alot of Hearthstone jokes as well :) Play Heroes of the Storm today for free!
All the funny Poke Dialog for all heroes in Heroes of the Storm!
A wise monk, though not the funniest to poke, his words are very thought provoking. Play Heroes of the Storm today for free! Follow .
AverageAdam here! I love gaming and providing fun and interesting games for other to watch :)
It seems that 2 of her pokes are not working. Ill report it and make a new video once shes fixed. Pretty good ones though, love the one about Kerrigan :) Sign up .