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The Monal caterers have developed a wide chain of event venues. Royality is the theme backing the Monal Marquees and Monal event venues. The sensation of the Monal Marquee gets obvious as soon as you look at the facade of the Monal Marquee. Starting of the careful selection of the locations by Monal Marquees to entering in to the event venue, you will feel the difference. The European touch in architecture with classical touch enhances the beauty of the ambiance. Use of wood in architecture of Monal Marquee enriches the experience of the event.

Monal is not only about the classical touch but it is also about the finest of the food quality. Variety of delicious food with the experience of live kitchen is an absolute finest service. The whole package offered by Monal Marquee is surely the worth having a look while deciding the venue for your event. If you are looking for a classy location for your event, have a look at mcem.com.pk

If you are looking to add a value to your event, 3D Lights - WEDLIT - by 3Di is what you need to have. You can contact Monal Marquee or you can contact us directly at 92 337 0303032. We ll be glad to assist you and we strongly recommend you to have a look at our event illumination videos.

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