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Local SEO Bristol - Things For Your Website | Matt Cutts | CoolBison

Seo Coolbison - SEO Bristol Telelphone: 01172 900 207 are a cutting-edge search engine optimisation company founded in 2010 by Marcus Rockey, and based in Bristol in the UK. They are a result driven SEO expert company that are bringing new leads, telephone calls and customers to their clients websites, through advanced, local SEO in Bristol, and national SEO throughout the UK.

Matt Cutts is the head of spam at In this four minute video he shares some basic idea's on what businesses and individuals can do to help their website be found be Google. When we say basic, what we really mean is essential tasks that must be carried out if a site will be found by the Google bots.

Here's the basics of what he talks about incase you don't have enough time to watch this mini video.

1. Think about what people type to find a site just like yours. What keywords are they using, and are you including those keywords on your page?

2. Title tags (the title of your page/post) matter. They provide a first impression to your visitor of what your page is about. They are also prioritized by Google in terms of the relevancy of a page relating to a particular keyword phrase. Matt also talks about descriptions that users will read before deciding what links to click through - so they are pretty important. Make sure they are enticing.

3. Links. Well Matt discourages us from building links but instead claims that natural link building through blogging etc is the way to go. I will leave that thought with you.

4. He insists that you don't have to pay Google to be on page one and you certainly don't need to be involved in Google's Ad Words in order to rank in their editorial listings.

5. Get a page of your site found quickly by submitting it to - they also offer webmaster tools where you can add a sitemap.

The purpose of this video is to help people understand some essential and reasonable things needed, before an SEO campaign can become effective, enjoy traffic, and convert.

CoolBison SEO Bristol are a leading agency in Google organic search results. You can also find us on other platforms:

27 Stoneleigh Rd
01172 900 207

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