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6 years ago

How To Make Rainbow Sangria | Some Like It Hot

Rainbow Sangria is a perfect and festive drink for a holiday, during the summer and a birthday bash. Rainbow Sangria gives a whole new name to refreshing. This amazing drink comprises an assortment of fruits that offers a delightful and extra refreshing kick! Apart from its heavenly taste, one also cannot miss its colorfulness that is aesthetically pleasing!

Nothing makes summer afternoons more delightful than the Rainbow Sangria! Your sexy chefs Mel and Sasha of the 'Some Like It Hot' series today prepare the Rainbow Sangria - a combination of all the refreshing summer fruits! It is a drink you need in your hand every summer and if you want chicks too, nothing better!

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Check out the ingredients you would require to make Rainbow Sangria :-

- Diced Cantaloupe
- Diced Kiwi Fruit
- 1 Bottle White Wine
- 3 Tsp Honey
- Grapes
- Diced Pineapple
- Ice Cubes
- Orange

Cooking is a passionate affair! With Mushtande, we bring sexy chefs Mel and Sasha in 'Some Like It Hot' series to indulge you into the world of sensuous recipes. Enjoy cooking even if you hated kitchens uptil now!;)

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