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4 years ago|2.5K views

Random Hand - After The Alarm

Bomber Music
Bomber Music
Taken from the album Hit Reset by Random Hand
Available as download or digipack CD

Sharpen that tongue and weaponize science
You’ve got a keen eye for kicking defiance
I’m so tall and something so small breaks and wipes it out
Don’t mind me I’m pondering liars
And arrogant fucks who kill for desires
One big fall disintegrates all and causes me to shout…

Yeah they’re burning my brain
And fury’s all I’ve got to gain

Swallow that sky and steal my vision
You’ve got a bad soul for making decisions
Broke down fast, a metaphor blast comes to feed the dead
Check my feet I’m slipping on rubble
Another blind mind was stuck in their bubble
Judgement cast, forgetting the past, screaming from the head…

As I face an eerie calm
Sometime after the alarm
I know I saw right through the charm
But I remember that I couldn’t stop the harm.

Produced by Andy Hawkins
(Bomber Music UXB027)
©+(p) Bomber Music Ltd
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