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A special program by France 24, the MuCEM, and the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI), recorded and broadcast from the MuCEM in Marseille on Friday, September 18, 2015, on the J4 rooftop terrace. In English, French, and Arabic.
“Mediterranean Migration and Mobility”

After addressing the topic of freedom, on the heels of the Arab Spring, during an initial program recorded in December 2014, "La Méditerranée en débats" is now tackling a key issue that is on everyone’s agenda: Mediterranean migration and mobility.

Is the Mediterranean Sea becoming a “Mediterranean death trap,” as described by the Algerian artist Zineddine Bessaï in his imaginary map of destinations named by the youth of his country?

The news is now marked by a torrent of tragedies, shipwrecks, and drownings that make the Mediterranean a new cemetery by the sea, a far cry from the title of one of Paul Valéry’s most beautiful poems. How did this metamorphosis come about? Over three thousand dead per year at the borders of the European Mediterranean, for all who attempt to cross. Ceuta and Mellila, Lampedusa, the Gulf of Sidra, the Greek isles, Mytilene, or towns such as Ventimiglia... These names resonate today like so many human disasters.

Ultimately, how can one try to think differently about this widespread phenomenon of Mediterranean migration and mobility?

This is where the debate should truly be focused, based on issues drawn from current events and giving greater consideration to the profound historical, geographical, and human movements with which our societies will be grappling for years to come.

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