Best Drifting Cars Compilation!! Classic Super Cars Edition

  • 9 yıl önce
Cars Drifting, cars burning out, cars sliding, cars driving fast, it's a great watch for all you car lovers out there! And be sure to check out my channel for more awesome compilations!

Part 2 is an awesome drifting compilation with more classic super cars like like the Ferrari F40/F50, Jaguar XJ220, Lamborghini Diablo, Honda NSX, S2000, Aston Martin, Mclaren Mercedes SLR, Bugatti, Gallardo, Maserati 3200GT, Supra, Audi, Nissan 350Z, BMW M3, RX-7, and even a semi truck along with some others! There's drifting, burnouts, power sliding, donuts, and simply the demonstration of their power! Special Thanks to Firemarioflower for providing a list of cars I should use in part 2! M Maci gets the credit for the Toyota Supra! Hope you like it! Music information is at the end of the video.