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Safe Sparring - Sifu vs Shen - Knife Survival Training - Sept 9 2015

Sifu Freddie Lee
Sifu Freddie Lee Kung Fu Demo

The scenario. The Sifu is playing the Martial Artist, he does not want any trouble, he does not want to fight. Shen is playing the criminal who wants to hurt the Martial Artist. An unarmed fist fight escalates and both individuals are fighting on the streets with no weapons involved and no other friends to help out. As they are fighting, the criminal ends up pulling out a knife to kill the Martial Artist. The Martial Artist is now fighting for his life.

This is the type of real survival training that we focus on at Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu. We do not train for sport combat, we train to survive deadly encounters. The most deadly encounters on the streets today are encounters with guns, knives, batons, and other types of weapons. This is the reality we must face and prepare for.

This is the realist sparring match I’ve ever had. I created this sparring match based on surveillance videos showing murders that occurred from knife attacks. You can check the videos at this link.
The murders are real, it’s no joke. But I till you Krav Maga is NOT the solution. The only reliable method of surviving a knife attack is being armed with a gun. And even being armed with a gun, there is still a good chance you will die from the attack. That is how serious knife attacks are. They are not joke. I give you a reality check here at Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu.

Even with all my decades of Martial Arts training, trying to survive against just one person coming at me with a knife spontaneously, I am not guaranteed to live. In this video Shen really put my life at risk. Watching the video over, I clearly was slashed on my hands and arms before we went to the ground. When we went to the ground, it looked like I was stabbed on my shoulder blade but before being stabbed, he grabbed the knife by the blade with this opposite hand, so he would have cut his own hand before stabbing me. Finally when I get control of his knife, I throw it aside and then focus on getting my gun to shoot him, but then he realizes I have a gun and then we start struggling for it.

My goal was to shoot him 5 times because I know that shooting him just once in real life would not be good enough because in real life, there would be so much adrenaline that he wouldn’t stop fighting on the first shot.

Being a Martial Artist that has the concealed firearms permit, this is the realist safe sparring session that I have ever created that is most practical for the streets.