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5 years ago|36 views

Georgia Midwives are legal name fraudsters enslaving us at birth!

This call was made to one called "Debbie Pulley". Obviously a cog or pulley involved in perpetuating the enslavement of a living being just after they enter this plane. Feel free to call Debbie up to ask her if she will be resigning as "liason" or will she continue to perpetuate the legal name fraud by aiding and abetting others to engage in LNF.

From her website:

"If you are planning a homebirth or you are a midwife working with parents planning a homebirth, it is very important that you have the documentation listed below when you go to your county registrar to obtain a birth certificate. Without this information, the parents will only be able to obtain a birth certificate through court order.

If you have difficulty, after presenting the required documentation, please contact Debbie Pulley at 770-381-2339. Debbie is the liaison to Vital Records working with parents and registrars to get the birth certificate completed".
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