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Safe Sparring 4 : Sifu Freddie Lee vs Davin James : Touch Contact : July 13 2014

Sifu Freddie Lee
Sifu Freddie Lee Safe Sparring Kung Fu Demonstration

Part 1 Sparring with my favorite Sparring Partner of all time Davin James​. Ever since graduating Purdue University I have tried my hardest to re-create another DJ to have as a sparring partner but I have accepted, I will never meet anyone like him ever again. We have a certain special chemistry when it comes to sparring and Martial Arts that cannot be replaced. Like me, DJ has been highly inspired by Bruce Lee, we both aim to be living representations of his teachings, I feel that Bruce's spirit is within both of us and we both have our own unique ways of expressing ourselves as Martial Artists. DJ is the only individual that I recognize to be at Bruce's level or above in Body, Mind, and Spirit. I have known him for 14 years and I hope that he will continue to keep on training and representing the Real in the Martial Arts.
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