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5 years ago|97 views

Destroy The Punching Bag Not The Human Being

Sifu Freddie Lee
Sifu Freddie Lee Kung Fu Demonstration

I teach my students to destroy a punching bag, not a human being. Human beings are very fragile, they are not designed to suffer great bodily harm. You can punch, elbow, knee, or kick a punching bag millions of times and nothing will happen to it, but you cannot strike a human being millions of times and not kill the human being. You can even shoot and stab the punching bag and he will be ok, but you can't do the same with a human being. You can yell and scream at a punching bag and he will not respond, but if you yell and scream at a human being, you will hurt his feelings. Human beings are very fragile and sensitive, great care must be taken towards the human being. But punching can unleash your fury, you can train how to kill with the punching bag, you can train your body to become a deadly weapon.
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