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Hazrat Dhani Peer (Moazam Shah) Shaheed - Dhanyal Qabila Ancestor by Kaleem Raja

This is the first internet video about Hazrat Dhani Peer ~ Moazam Shah Shaheed Darbar ~ video by Muhammad Sheraz S/O Muhammad Fayyaz (Bandi-Phophandi-Ban) and Kaleem Raja S/O Muhammad Ajaib (Mouri - Aryari - Karor)

below information is taken by the following link.

Dhanial (Urdu: ???????, or Dhanyal) is one of the largest tribes living in the Potohar plateau and Lower Himalayas for the last eight centuries. Most of the Dhanyals are settled in Kahuta, Rawalpindi, Islamabad and in Murree Hills. Some families of the tribe live in Kashmir, Abbottabad, Sialkot and Hazara. They are the descendants of Hazrat Ali from his ninth wife Hazrat Khola bint-e-Ayas bin Jaffar Bannu Hanifa. Hazrat Khola gave birth to Hazrat Ali's famous son Muhammad bin Ali also known as Muhammad bin Hanifa.

The name 'Dhanyal/Dhanial' is derived from Mohazzam Shah which was the name of chief and famous Sufi saint of Lower Himalayas who shifted from Dhanni (old name of Chakwal) in late 12th century. Mohazzam Shah is more famously known as 'Dhanni Pir'. Origin of Mohazzam Shah (Shajra Nasb of Dhanni Pir); Hazrat Ali > Imam Muhammad bin Hanifa (Muhammad-ul-Akbar)> Imam Ibrahim> Hassan> Zaid > Ismail> Ahsan-ul-Tarosh> Qasim> Hassan> Ibrahim > Ali> Muhammad> Abdullah> Muavia> Jaffar> Ameer Malik> Khusro Shah> Moaazam/Mohazzam Shah (DhanniPir). Forefathers of Mohazzam Shah who were Arab Muslims - migrated from Iraq to Multan during the era of Muhammad Bin Qasim. Desandants of Mohazzam Shah ruled Multan state for about 190 years.

Mohazzam Shah supported Muhammad Ghori to curb the activities of Hindu Rajputs who aggressively attack Muslim army of Muhammad Ghori. Due to influence of Mohazzam Shah alias Hazrat Baba Dhanni Pir, many non-Muslims of this area converted to Islam. The forefather of Dhanyal tribe was inspired by Syed Ali Hamdan alis Shah-i-Hamdan of Srinagar, Kashmir. Mohazzam Shah sacrificed his life with the battle of Hindu Dogra Rajputs in Kashmir in 13th century. Mohazzam Shah was the spiritual leader of Dhanyal, Satti and Abbasi tribes in the area of Murree Hills, plain area of Potohar and Kashmir. Hazrat Baba Dhanni Pir's shrine is situated in Mouri Sayyaedan, a valley on Lehtrar Road, Islamabad, Pakistan. An Urs (annual death anniversary) is held every year 25 April at his shrine.

Shajra of Dhanyal Tribe had written by (Late) Master Muhammad Azeem of Ariary (Karore),Tehsil Kottli Sattian, Distt: Rawalpindi

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