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Hello Guys, welcome to our New Project! Limousine Studio wants to thank all you for joining at the contest! We're really proud to get about 160 auditions, it was really hard choosing from so many good editors. We decided to reward 11 New Members + 7 Guests Members. Compliments to the Contest's Winners! We have really appreciated your works! The mep turned out really original and amazing!
Welcome to Limousine Studio new Members, we hope you're gonna have fun with us!

1 LaChocolaVidz GUEST \\ Anime Mix
2 xCuriousNeko MEMBER \\ Nisemonogatari
3 SeikiYukine MEMBER \\ Anime Mix
4 ibluerocker MEMBER \\ Anime Mix
5 TwiggyGirlx3 MEMBER \\ One piece
6 SconesNWaffles MEMBER \\ Anime Mix
7 bloosome GUEST \\ Ask
8 「Domico Amv」GUEST \\ Ask
9 BlackCrowAmv GUEST \\ K-on
10 sonicfreak1111 GUEST \\ Ore Monogatari
11 xanmoyux MEMBER \\ Free!
12 Yuuki28Fra LEADER \\ Shokugeki no soma
13 YouBetterDream MEMBER \\ Ask
14 MadiRae Dreams MEMBER \\ Free!
15 AzureStarz MEMBER \\ Anime Mix
16 KC Blueblur MEMBER \\ Yamada kun to 7 nin no majo kiss
17 xKagamiYolo MEMBER \\ Anime Mix
18 CityBE AMV GUEST \\ Ask
19 Rhamona MSP GUEST \\ Fairy Tail
20 xTsuisou MEMBER \\ Shokugeki no soma


Q: What does MEP stand for?
A: Multi Editor Project, a term used in the Anime Community when several editors make little scenes and the leader brings them together as a whole video

Q: What Programs do we use?
A: Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro

Q: What animes were in this MEP?
A: There is an anime list above

Q: Who organized this MEP?
A: Yuuki28Fra, AnimezzTV ( LimousineStudio)

Q: Why does the Song sound different?
A: It's a pitched Version, thats why


Any comments regarding the artist, song, or others will be deleted.
You have been warned ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ


SONG: Summer Megamix Mashup Mixed by Yuuki28Fra
PROGRAMS: Sony Vegas, Adobe After Effects, Photoshop


FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/LimousineStudio


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