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5 years ago|1.3K views

Stickoo - Juray Raho

Every relationship has its ups and downs... what makes it perfect though, is how we come together to overcome our differences.

These sisters are in for an unpleasant surprise, but watch how they turn things around! Juray Raho!

Stickoo is the latest quality offering from Pakistan’s most preferred house of adhesives, Samad Rubber Works (Pvt.) Ltd. We have a legacy of providing quality adhesive solutions over 60 years.

Stickoo Glue (tube) is a reliable and effective adhesive which is ideal for school projects, office, arts & crafts, model-making, zarri, clothing adornment and much more! It bonds paper, cardboard, fabrics, beads, wood, ceramics, leather, cork, metal and may other materials. Stickoo Glue Stick is your best choice because it adheres with strength and maintains it for a longer span of time. School, office, industry... paper, cardboard or fabric: Stickoo Glue Stick is your reliable companion.It is made from Non-toxic ingredients so it's quite safe to use by both young ones (and adults)! Being Washable, you can easily clean it with water, even after a few days. Makes No mess! Convenient and easy to use without getting your hands or work-area messy.
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