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I don't like this town

Cynthia Fridsma
12 jaar geleden|537 views
there is less tolerance around the world these days I decided to publish the video clip 'I don't like this town', which is in fact my protest song against all the violence and less tolerance around the world, the madness of 9/11 (World Trade Center), the attack in Madrid, London, Amsterdam (the killing of Theo van Gogh) and the attack on the rest of the world by terrorism. I decided to publish the song because I believe in freedom and justice and don't like radicalism that is in fact, from my point of view, fascism and it should be banned out of the world!

The song is a bit raw in a sense that it could have been a Jimi Hendrix song (Jimi also played the blues now and then) . . .

Jimi Hendrix wrote the song 'machine gun' against the war in Vietnam, I wrote 'I don't like this town' against terrorism.

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