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My Way / Cloclo (2012) - Trailer (English subtitles)

il y a 4 ans|102 vues
Directed by : Florent Emilio Siri
Produced by : LGM Cinéma SAS
Genre: Fiction - Runtime: 2 h 28 min
French release: 14/03/2012
Production year: 2011

My Way recounts the tragic destiny of Claude François, known by all as Cloclo, an icon of French popular music who died at the age of 39. More than thirty years after his death, he still continues to exert his spell. An adored star and a businessman, a great performer and marketing pro well ahead of his time, hit-maker and media baron, but also a family man and a womanizer…
My Way, or the portrait of a complex, many-sided man who was always in a rush, profoundly modern, and ready to anything to be loved.

More info: http://en.unifrance.org/movie/32606/my-way