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6 years ago|169 views

Altaf Hussain demands public referendum to determine will of the people ‪Karachi‬ about Rangers Operation

MQM Official
MQM Founder and Leader Altaf Hussain has said that the statement by Lt Gen (retired) Abdul Qadir Baloch that a majority of people of Karachi are in favour of the Rangers Operation in Karachi is against the facts and baseless.
Addressing Lt Gen Abdul Qadir Baloch Mr Hussain said if he believes that the people of Karachi are happy with the Rangers Operation, he should form a five-member committee consisting of judges of Supreme Court and High Court. This committee should hold a public referendum to determine the will of the people of Karachi about Rangers Operation.
Mr Hussain said that the referendum would help in deciding facts and fiction about the Karachi Operation. It will also expose the claims of the public support.
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