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Nodame Cantabile Extras - I'view w. Tamaki Hiroshi Part 1/3

12 years ago|19.1K views
Nodame Cantabile Extras - I'view w. Tamaki Hiroshi Part 1/3
-Translations by Aya@OolittlepandagirloO

It was my first time doing a character like Chiaki.
So first of all I felt I really needed to work hard.
Plus, he’s supposed to be a genius, and it looks easy just reading the comic, but actually acting it out…I couldn’t imagine.
So the moment I got in touch with the director, I practiced piano, conducting, etc.
Even when they told me which music we were doing, if I didn’t know how they’d be used, I’d have no way of practicing.

Chiaki does have a lot of talent, but in the beginning, I felt he’s actually a sad person who can only look down on people. Because he has problems like not being able to go abroad etc, he vented his anger out on others. But not in a harsh way, because he also has a delicate side too, which I felt was important in acting Chiaki. There were many aspects of him that I wanted to express. In that sense, before the rehearsal, he was a difficult character to comprehend.

We took a video of our piano teacher playing from right above, and I first remembered where to put my hands at which part of the music.
Once the filming started, I used all my free time to practice.
Most of the time I was watching the VTR, and practicing on the floor of my house.

Everything about it was interesting.
All the cast were perfect for their own roles – I felt that way, and I have heard that many from the viewers had the same opinion, which was awesome.
But the important thing was to not look the same on the outside – it felt really delightful that everyone tackled their roles directly, and it made me feel, once again, that acting is truly enjoyable. I think it’s a rare thing to feel so strongly this way about a drama.
Everybody was in high spirits, and all the casts were people who wanted to support others in need.