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6 years ago

How To Make Chicken Nuggets | Some Like It Hot

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It is unimaginable that finger-licking Chicken Nuggets could be so easy to make. With sexy chefs Sasha and Mel enjoy making your chicken nuggets. Some like it Hot as they do not just indulge in binging their favourite dishes but also enjoy choosing and mixing each ingredient with passion to make the best out of simple recipe. Enjoy the flavour of these juicy, deep-fried nuggets!

Check out the ingredients you would require to make your Chicken Nuggets:-

- Minced Chicken

- Salt

- Italian Spices

- 2 Bread Slices (Crumbled)

- Milk

- 2 Eggs

- White Flour

- Bread Crumbs

Garnish your platter of Chicken Nuggets with Spring Onion!

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