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Interview w/ M1 - 04

T = Tracy; D = Dan; B = M1 ; A = Ani
T: M1 why are you making these payments?
B: That is under instruction from the God
T: Follow the instructions from God
B: Nods. This is for finishing about the global crises. For finishing about problem-solving, to finishing about all the problems of the people. Principle to protect the people for the next generation.
T: When you say finish, you means bringing to an end all the financial problems we’ve been having and we’re in crises today.
B: Nods
T: We’re in very serious financial crises. I’ll just make a note here that we’ve been hearing doom and gloom easily for the last 15 years that comes to the global economy. We’ve heard the dollar is going to collapse, the dollar’s gonna collapse and the dollar is tied to all the other currencies. And those currencies will collapse if the dollar collapses that would ruin the whole financial market. That is the path I’ve been hearing that we’ve been on in the news in books in magazine articles, newspaper clippings. I’ve been hearing this for 15 years and the crises is worse today than it was 15 years ago. It’s escalating to a point where something must be done. So this is your motivation because it’s time to finish the old; put an end to the crises and bring abundance in.
B: Yes. Because that is under my authority. It is all my job must finishing about the problem, the Global Crisis, the global financial changing.
T: So this is your job
A: Yes
D: That’s a great job
A: Yes
B: That is the secret control of monetary in financial system.
T: That’s a very big job. And I believe we’ve been at discussions before that, what you hope happens is that people’s hearts to be changed. Is this true?
B: Yes. You must open your heart, must open your head. Ya because you’re under control by the God. And now I have met you, principle i have the delivery mandate, and now to all I’m open. And now everything is will be open?
D: So you deliver the mandate and now everything is will be open?
B: Nods. Yes
T: So wouldn’t there be a need for jealousy, everybody’s got the same
B: And that is no problem
T: Shrugs shoulders - No
B: Jealousy. No problem. You got the problem, not in me.
T: So that’s why M1 has chosen to do this. And with that; it’s a Wrap!
T: Alright for our next question. M1 is making these payments an act of peace.
B: Yes. Because you from the heaven.
T: I’m sorry
B: You from the Heaven
A: We are from Heaven
D: We are from Heaven
T: We are from Heaven
B: Yes and all the man principle the people are from the Heaven. Now must come back with peace and quiet together, before you in this planet you from the sky.
D: We’re from the sky
B: Yes then you were with the founding father. Now must come back
A: You must come back with peace and calm
T: So the answer is yes, this is an act of peace. Divinely inspired, act of peace, a very generous offer from the owner of such great wealth, such wealth most people didn’t realize perhaps even existed on earth but now it’s come out. Such a person exists with such great wealth offering such a generous offer to make payments 1- 11 which can change everything, make a better world, Heaven on Earth.
Nods from all
A: That’s right.
T: That’s the agenda
A: Yes. May I add another thing?
T: Yes
A: The idea is so once we have no debts, we have the 6 million; we have the monthly payment people then will be able to pursue their heart’s desire, their true desires. So teachers can be true teachers not because they need the salary, but because they love teaching. All the people pursuing their dream; builder can build and so on. So that’s joy to me.
T: Absolutely. That’s ..if you’ve ever tuned in to the Show 60 Second Millionaire TV, you know that I’ve always talked about how each individual has purpose and this purpose is innate or you are born with it, right? Beside that purpose there is the joy for each individual that I believe when we get trapped in current circumstances that is in this world where we don’t find joy because we are too busy making a living because you have to make a living
A: Pay bills
T: Pay bills. And in the meantime we don’t do what we were supposed to be doing. What we were born to do.
D: And what we don’t know is that there’s plenty of abundance on the planet already for all of us.
A: Yes
D: So we don’t have to strive to feed ourselves. It’s already been built for us.
A: Yes
D: Already been taken from the ground
A: So your children, your grandchildren they will be able to do that in the future.
T: Yes completely different
A: Exactly
T: That’s a basis for an asset-based economy, not one that’s built on infinite debt creation
D: Scarcity
T: Scarcity and the lack of... If you been tuned into 60 Second Millionaire TV you know I talk about how large the numbers are of people on earth that are making less than actually $10 a day. It’s over four and half billion people. That’s their earnings. And that’s

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