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Botchamania 277

Matthew Gregg
4 years ago|29.1K views
Two words, shit sandwich. It's Botchamania 277: Yoshi's Woolly World Wrestling Entertainment!

Thanks To...
MK Mckinnan and Trent Seven for being very polite considering they would have been justified slapping the shit out of me. The match they're talking about was at CZW Down With the Sickness 2011 against BLK Jeez and Joker. And yes, it was awful. BUT THEY'RE GOOD NOW, GO FOLLOW THEM.
Codster9 for suggesting Randall from Recess because I don't know anybody called Randall.
Alex Ewing for suggesting that Smash Mouth song.
Brad Smith for the awesome Ed, Edd and Eddy CZW lever.

TOMAHAWKMAN STAGE by Capcom Sound Team (Mega Man 6)
All Star by Smash Mouth (Mario Paint Composer) by phantomtaco132
Bentley Bears It All (Crystal Castles [Atari 2600]) by Anonymous DoD Contestant
Ode To Joy by Ludwig van Beethoven

It's amazing to see the biggest wrestling company in the world somehow manages to mess up the audio for big events. Fastlane and it's quiet-arse crowd was bad enough but at Elimination Chamber nearly every spot-call could be heard clear as day, no matter how well the wrestlers tried to hide it. I didn't put every example in as too much spot-calling in the videos annoys some so I just put the best examples in. Plus the whole point of EVERYONE TALKS TOO MUCH is mocking bad spot-calling, so when the issue is with the mics/the tech guys it doesn't seem fair. Cena's got no excuse though.

You may disagree on other teams stopping other teams pin-fall attempts in elimination matches, but it literally makes no sense so I stand by it.

I've done the Full Metal Jacket audio before for Homicide in the Steel Asylum match, but it's too good to use just once.

Kevin Owens vs. John Cena was the highlight of a weird PPV. Raw and WWE PPV are generally great at the minute though.

There was a lot that couldn't be fit into this video thanks to how messy the IC Title Chamber match ended up being. So it means the next video will be due soon!