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MyGhost - "Broken"

Pierre Priot
MyGhost - "Broken"
from the debut "Broken" EP, out on Dead Bees records, June 2nd, 2015

Video directed & edited by Arthur Guézou

(2015, Dedieu/Rouanet)


Away from their recent electronic music productions, Laurent, Patrick and Samuel went back to their roots - acoustic instruments, no programming, verse/chorus song format - recording one song per day.
The "Broken EP" is the first release from 2014's Berlin recording sessions. The EP features
three original tracks and showcases MyGhost’s mature and honest songwriting: dark rock
music with an obsessive guitar line on "broken", nervous indie pop on "I'm going to reduce you to tears", earnest folk ballad on "sunken machine", all linked together by intense vocal
"From the back of the stage, you get time to look at me, oh c'mon I am exactly what you see..."

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Vidéos à découvrir