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6 years ago

Charming Toy Victrola

Grand Illusions
Grand Illusions
Back in the 1980s, Poynter Products in the USA produced a whole range of clever and inventive toys. This miniature Victrola is a working toy that depicts what was the most popular make of record player in the US back in the 1920s. The toy comes with a choice of miniature vinyl records, and works well for such a small toy.

The original Victrolas did much to bring recorded music into the home. No electricity was required - you wound up the machine, placed a record on the turntable, set the disc turning, and placed the needle a the beginning of the record. The amplification is done by purely mechanical means - the gold horn on top amplifies the sound, in a similar way to the shape of a trumpet. Some of the larger Victrolas has a 6 foot horn built into their wooden case, and produced an impressively large sound!