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PA#51 - Home building, Paris 13

Pavillon de l'Arsenal
Pavillon de l'Arsenal
il y a 4 ans|953 vues
Hamonic + Masson & Associés

Associated architects
Comte Vollenweider

Bouygues Immobilier

Urban planner

Social lessor
Régie Immobilière de la Ville de Paris

“It is one of the first 50-meters high buildings in Paris since the end of the seventies” – Pierre-André Comte

“Thanks to the removal of the ceilings, the fact of being able to go up to 50 meters, this allows us to work on the building’s shape. When we say that this is a buildings that is changing: it begins with a straight-lined side that matches the alignment of the Avenue de France and, all of a sudden, there is the introduction of this terrace which gives rise to the tower that is showcased.” – Gaëlle Hamonic

“What emerges from this project is that there are two teams of architects and a single building.” – Jean-Christophe Masson

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