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Violetta - Season 1 - Episode 6 (English)

Violetta UK
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Tomas is confused because he thought that Violetta's name was Olga. Violetta asks her father to let her have private piano lessons with Roberto Benvenuto "Beto". After Jade tells him to let his daughter have more freedom, Herman reluctantly agrees to let Violetta have piano lessons with Beto. Violetta and Ramallo come to Studio 21 to talk to Beto about her private piano lessons. Angie is worried because she knows it will be hard from her to hide the fact that she's a teacher at Studio 21 if Violetta takes piano lessons there. Overhearing Leon, whose family knows Violetta's family really well, Ludmila finds out who Violetta really is. Violetta helps Tomas with a delivery, but accidentally gets him fired from his job after ruining one of the orders. Ludmila tells Tomas who Violetta really is. When Violetta comes, Tomas is upset with her for having lied to him about who she is.