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10 common popular beliefs which are very questionable (4) about flamenco guitars /Ruben Diaz Spain

Ruben Diaz
4 years ago|16 views
Flaw Detection Guidelines
Conditioned by habit

Without feedback no guitar can be made easy to play

"Pulsación" and Beyond

Evolution of "Negra Flamenco Guitar" after Paco de Lucia's period

Easy to play status on modern flamenco guitars

Luthiers Doesn't Have Any Grounds to Define Either Play-ability Nor Sound in a Flamenco Guitar

Instruments Made Out of Garbage

Play-ability & Low Action Re-defined

The Old Mis-conception of "Setting" = Having to "Fix" Every so called "great flamenco guitar"

The Norwegian Top

Ovangkol Negra = Redefining The Flamenco Negra / Mild-Male & Twin Guitars

The dubious greatness of Cypress blanca in flamenco tradition

*Ex.1/ 00:14 solo I Blanca Female ("Palenque" Paco de Lucia)
Ex.2/ 18:25 solo (Manteca Colora /Luzia fragment)
Ex.3/ 02:15 (topic)

Female Cherry &Male BR


"The Real Thing is How You Play... Not Which Guitar You Play" (Nothing further from the truth)


Three different rosewoods from lighter to weightier

1) Bahia Rosewood / Average Dried Weight: 52 lbs/ft3 (835 kg/m3)

2) Amazon Rosewood / Average Dried Weight: 68 lbs/ft3 (1,085 kg/m3)

3) Kingwood / Average Dried Weight: 75 lbs/ft3 (1,200 kg/m3)


Negra Vs Deep Blanca


Ebony Fret-board is Obsolete Choice in Flamenco Guitars Today

"Pulsación" and Beyond

Sound Portal

If you disagree with me the following video is for you... if not just skip it

Paco de Lucía’s vs Traditional Flamenco Guitar

Maple Fret-board = Matchless Playability / New Generation Andalusian Guitars

This is differentiation, the rest is just same of the same.. * New Andalusian Guitars Maple Bridge

Playability & Low Action Re-defined + Unique Features

Opinions vs Facts About Tuning

Why Cypress Guitar is an Obsolete Concept Today...?

Sharing Knowledge

Why did Paco play the same guitar on his show for about 30 years?

If a luthier tell a person "...this guitar I made is so great..."
is like if my mother tells someone that: "...You know my son is the best guitar player of the world..."

"...When you know a thing, to hold that you know it, and when you do not know a thing, to allow that you do not know it - this is knowledge...." (Confucius)


Stay Relevant in modern flamenco guitar


Luthiers Doesn't Have Any Grounds to Define Either Play-ability Nor Sound in a Flamenco Guitar


5 popular ideas which aren't true (3) about flamenco guitars

10 common popular beliefs which are questionable (4) about flamenco guitars

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