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Manu Chao in Arizona for NDLON

manu chao
manu chao
il y a 5 ans|43 vues
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Last year, Arizona passed Senate Bill 1070, the beginning of a wave of the most anti-immigrant legislation the US has not seen in generations. The passage of SB 1070 Arizona dramatically expanded police powers to stop, question and detain individuals for not having proper identification, a move that encourages racial profiling and legitimizes intolerance.

While in Arizona, Manu Chao visited the perimeter fence of the notorious jail facility known as Tent City', which was conceived by Sheriff Arpaio, and where inmates are forced to suffer degrading treatment and to endure the extreme temperature range of the desert by living outside in tents.

Manu Chao, along with bandmate Madjid Fahem, serenaded the walls of the jail with a heartfelt rendition of his song 'Clandestino'. This version was captured on film by filmmaker Alex Rivera, whose work strives to draw attention to the Latin-American community in the US.
The footage was produced by the National Day Labourer Organising Network (NDLON)

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