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7 years ago

Action Tale - [Director's Cut] Film Preview

hahaha! :D. I present to you, the first ever preview of yet another one of my unique second-by-second, syncing sensational films, in "Director's Cut" form and all, since it was supposed to be released every since last year with-in the same month that I teased this project, but was massively delayed because of the original harddrive where the project was stored, going busted!.

So yeah, I decided to do an extended preview of some of the film's elements because of that and the fact that I had a ton of pretty cool and fun sound effects laying around the studio, so as I thought they would be complementary to the film, I figured why not bland and mix some of them in and have even more fun with the project! lol.

I mean imaging that!, the full release of this project would have been finished within that same very month of it's original tease but the harddrive went busted thus why it's being showed months later haha. But if I had released it then, some of the awesome things i'm implementing now would have not even been conceived, so that happening was ironically still a good thing overall because now i'm making the project even better than it would have been initially

This preview features a work in progress so what you're seeing in not actually a sample of something that's finished yet, so more changes may occur to the project and to the footage you're seeing. All in all, the project will soon be completed and you'd be able to see the full exciting film, so look of for that block buster event!. You don't want to miss it :D.

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