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Clash of Clans Free Bot 2015 for PC

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Clash of Clan Bot for FREE ! -


Install the latest BlueStacks version

1. Once installed, Set BS resolution to 860 x 720 by using the reg file attached. Restart PC immediately after applied reg.

2. Download bot and uncompress the zip file and save under a folder. ( note: Do not use Folder Name that is same as the bot name )

3. Restart your BS by using BS agent at the taskbar on the right corner. This will effect the change of BS resolution. And start COC

4. Open the bot with exe.

5. You need to zoom out your COC all the way and make sure scroll the base to the top by scrolling downward. You need to locate collectors and barrack manually by going to Troop Setting. Follow instruction accordingly. For collectors, if there is no other collector, click cancel to skip locate, same for barrack under upgrading.

6. Currently bot only use Barb and Archer for attack. You may press Start.

7. Important!!! Mouse pointer shouldn't be inside BS windows after click start.

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