We Love Entrepreneurs - a documentary about tech startups

  • il y a 9 ans
From Paris to San Francisco, via New York, they’ve interviewed 60 big players from the FrenchTech scene.

What are their motivations? How did they start their business? What difficulties do they have to face, and how do they handle them? And many more questions to which Fany Pechiodat (My Little Paris), Jean Baptiste Rudelle (Criteo), Xavier Niel (Free), Jacques Antoine Granjon (vente-privée), Loic Le Meur (LeWeb), Solomon Hykes (Docker), Mathieu Nouzareth (FreshPlanet) ou encore Jules Vo Dinh (Typhon) answered.

35 hours of interviews for a 52-minute condensed pack of energy and creativity.

This documentary has been produced by AdsVark Media, the editor of FrenchWeb.fr.

For any information you can contact: richard@frenchweb.fr