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Conga (Short Film) - Trailer

il y a 4 ans57 views

Release Date: 06 January 2016
Genre: Historical Drama
Cast: Arben Bajraktaraj, Lucas Prisor, Edward Akrout, Laurie Ravaux, Christophe Gaultier, Anne-Valérie Soler, Charles Bousquet, Emma Maquedano
Written and Directed by Mario M.Maquedano
Director of photography: Antoine Carpentier
Original Score: Camille Griot, Neko Verdoux, Curro Savoy
Whistling: Kurt Savoy
Production: Lesterfilm

February 1944, Fernando Canga an exiled Spanish, goes at the station to welcome his family. The crossing of the public square will make him understand that he cannot lower his guarding in occupied France. Down the street, a nazi squad is taking up position and his name is on the list.

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Conga (Short Film) - Trailer
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